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Explore a curated selection of high-quality, pre-loved items at unbeatable prices. From fashion to home decor, find everything you need to lead a more sustainable life.



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I absolutely adore Preloved! I’ve always struggled to get rid of items in my closet, but I’ve done around 7-ish booths at Preloved and absolutely love it! It’s so much fun giving new life to my clothes that I have loved, and has allowed me to become really flexible with my closet so that I can find a style that suits me! It’s also allowed me to make a little bit of spare cash on items that places like Plato's Closet wouldn’t give me anything for! Seriously love selling here and I’ve gotten multiple of my friends and family to start selling here also! If you’re thinking about doing a booth then I 100% recommend to just go for it!

Lauren T.

I highly recommend the Preloved Thrift Store in Provo. The quality of the items, the friendly staff, and the affordable prices make it a must-visit for anyone looking to score some unique finds. I have always had a great shopping experience at this store, and I know that I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come.

Josue Gomez C.

It’s a wonderful concept that is beautifully executed. The employees and owner are all super friendly. I go almost weekly and find something for a STEAL every time. I take all of my friends to Preloved haha. I’ve also sold with Preloved multiple times—sometimes making more of a profit than others, but I always make WAY more than if I were to sell at Plato’s Closet or other comparable stores. Best thrift store ever!!

Linnae G.

All-time best thrift store ever!!! The weekly discounts beat all other stores in prices! Need baby clothes for under $5!? THIS IS THE PLACE!! They are the coolest, the owners are the best people around and the culture is amazing! Every town across America needs a Preloved!

Gabie J.

Love this place! Went a few times then decided to sell some old clothes. The process was fairly easy. I signed up online, got email instructions, put together my clothes and put tags on them, then took them and hung them up on a Saturday morning then took them down on a Friday night. I made around $130! … All the staff are super friendly and happy to help customers and those selling clothes.

Adia H.

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Address: 230 W Cougar Blvd., Provo, UT 84604
Phone Number: (385) 476-6741
Email: provo@preloved.love
Store Hours: Mon–Sat: 10AM–7PM Closed Sunday